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Come build a virtual reality app for a great cause with the GW Innovation Center!

The Virtual Jane project tells the story of Jane Goodall (primatologist, conservationist, and childhood hero) in a virtual reality mobile application. We’re working with the Jane Goodall Institute to create an immersive educational and recreation experience for Jane’s expansive audience.

We're expanding our team this semester to include a few new technical and non-technical roles. Check them out below and hit the Join button above if you're interested.


The Virtual Jane initiative is a front-end focused, immersive, educational VR/AR platform intended to showcase Jane Goodall's life and work to raise conservation science awareness and empower youth science and civil engagement.


GWIC is prototyping Virtual Jane, an experience that will immerse visitors in her story, and invite them to play a role in preserving and promoting her legacy. Through interactive storytelling and cutting edge visual, virtual and augmented reality technology, diverse audiences can learn directly from Dr. Goodall's impact-driven, civic and scientific life's work. Virtual Jane will catalyze the next generation of compassionate decision-makers and global activists.